Unclutter  ♥  Organize  ♥  Redesign

Do you feel bogged down by the clutter in your home? Do you feel exhausted by the constant worry/mind chatter? This ultimately leads to an imbalance in our life. Whether you choose to start with uncluttering your external living environment or internal dwelling of the mind, addressing one will help get the other organized as well. Let’s make it as simple as 1-2-3.

 Step 1 Unclutter Away:

We will start with the concept of letting go of things currently taking space. Put another way, in order to fill a room, as with the mind, with things that you do want, you must first rid it of the stuff that you don’t want.


Step 2 Organize With:

What makes you smile and feel good? Sit down and get clear on those items both in things and thoughts.


Step 3 Redesign From:


  • By the hour is $50

  • 3-hour block is $120

  • 5-hour block is $175

Please contact me for scheduling & making payment through Paypal.

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