Meditative Recordings

Customized Meditative Breathing Recordings for Pregnancy


Each pregnancy feels different, as does each journey in a pregnant women’s life.  Let me help you customize a recording to reflect your own unique journey.

I will arrange a time to meet, get to know you and then personalize an audio recording to include what matters to you.

This personalization will further relax the body and ease the mind, helping to soothe the baby and deepen your experience of pregnancy and childbirth.

Please contact me for more information.


Customized Meditative Breathing Recording for Pregnancy:


“While being pregnant is the most wonderful experience I have ever had, there were some stressful moments as well, especially being my first child, never have given birth before. I feel so blessed Jess was able to help guide me through the roller coaster of emotions I experienced especially in the last trimester when labor was approaching. Through her meditation and breathing techniques I was able to connect with my baby in an unbelievable way. She soothed my fears, bringing my positive energy to Brody. Tears of joy literally come to my eyes as I listened to her voice while I visualized my beautiful baby boy coming into this world.”

Thank you Jess from the bottom of my heart. I cannot recommend her enough!

Danielle – San Diego, CA; Proud Mom to Brody


I strongly recommend Guided Meditation for a Peaceful Pregnancy & Childbirth. With the help of Jess’ clear instructions and soothing voice, I was able to regain my psychological stability. This audiobook has been tremendously helpful and I expect my practice to have a positive effect on my unborn baby.”

Julia – St. Louis, MO; Expectant Mother (April 2015)

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