In the silence of my meditation, these words came to me. I’ve written this poem to capture the very essence of my own awakening and expression of potentiality, when we are connected. I thank you deeply for this opportunity to serve and continue to live unbounded in the greatest truth known to me.

Eternal Salvation ©

reflection of Jess

My heart opens without fear,
As the dawn of my spirit draws near.
A search for inner peace inspires my healing.
Upon reaching my miserable emotional ceiling.
With wings that were previously broken,
Serving to remind me that life is but a silver token.
Whereas I was formerly lost,
The joy of my existence did it painfully cost.
A commitment to my soul’s evolution,
Marks the beginning of this sacred restitution.
In deepening meditations,
I release the mind of these insidious invasions.
In accepting the is-ness of all people and things.
Did inner peace stem forward and beautifully spring.
In perpetual thanksgiving and genuine gratitude,
Was there an unveiling of a divine and idyllic attitude.
In the removal of the barriers to love,
Did my soul return to this proverbial dove.
In non-judgment and complete stillness,
I was able to slowly dissolve all this mental illness.
The stories that I have held on to so tirelessly,
Of poor, poor me with such intensity.
Leaves the young girl that was once tightly wounded.
Now emerges as a renewed energy forever unbounded.
The personality that I thought was so kindly giving;
Was not from the overflow in which I was
unconsciously living.
No longer are my thoughts of lack and
not enough-ness,
Rather, ridding of the façade and perceived toughness.
My soul journeys back home.
From which I have aimlessly roamed.
Finds me seeing with only love in my heart,
As I look upon myself, others, and this world with a new authentic start.
Thus, my timeless creativity blossoms from within,
An expression of the confidence I feel inside
my own skin.
The external is but a mere reflection of
the thoughts held inside.
As the laws of the universe always complies.
My profound awakening is a “knowing” to me,
That I now hold for others to see.
With unwavering practice and sincere dedication,
All too, can discover true freedom, and thereby, eternal salvation.   

In Love, In Service,




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