Close your eyes and reflect upon a time when you felt true freedom, both from expectations and from responsibilities. What do you recall dreaming of when you were a vibrant, present, awe-inspired, wide-eyed soul? Did a state of pure bliss and youthful innocence wash over you?

Our dreams are but expressions of our soul’s desires. We were simply more tuned in to them as children because the challenges, disappointments, and responsibilities of life have not yet started to drain our emotional bucket. Back then, we were not consciously aware that there was a hole in our bucket, much like how stress trickles out our energy. The good news is that an infinite supply of energy is available to replenish and fill every ounce of our being back to wholeness, through the daily choices that support and nourish us.

When we are full, we will be filled with unbridled joy, infinite possibilities, burning passion, unwavering faith, absolute self-acceptance, and unconditional love. It will be the springboard that allows us to dive right into a state of joy and happiness, and sometimes for no good reason! We are simply just happy…

 Are You Ready to Begin?



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