Kind Words

Kind Words

I wanted to tell you that since I’ve been practicing the Meditative Breathing techniques that you taught me. I’ve had numerous benefits that I never attributed to not knowing how to breathe. For example I used to wake up feeling unrested, with sore joints and muscles. Since meditating before bed, I wake up more rested and with absolutely no aches and pains. I must have been tensing my muscles and not even knowing it. I also go to sleep faster and sleep more soundly. I feel the best benefit is that I have patience to not react to situations that used to send me to near panic. Instead there is a moment of time that I can reflect and decide how to react to a given situation or even to let the moment pass with no reaction at all!

Lowell – Orange, CA, Connected Father and Senior IT Analyst at St.Jude/St. Joseph

“I have had this heart condition called tachycardia all my life and have always been afraid of sports since any kind of cardio activity would increase my heart rate too high. I have never wanted to take any medicine for this condition either. “Now what?” – I asked myself… I met Jess and she introduced me to meditative breathing. At first, I didn’t believe breathing would change anything since my condition was medical, and not in my mind. WRONG! By the end of first session with Jess, I felt like my throat and my thorax were a chimney and that it was getting cleaned out. While inhaling, I could feel my heart beating through my chest and my throat getting clearer. Then we started climbing stairs as a physical activity. Very quickly, my recovery time became shorter and shorter, and I was able to control my heart rate through breathing.  My only medication now is breathing and I am no longer afraid of sports. Thank you Jess.”

Selina – Newport Beach, CA, Speaker of Over 8 Languages,  A Nose Extraordinaire, & Woman of Many Talents

“I probably didn’t tell you that I really enjoy your class; you have a gift and I look forward to it each week.
MEDITATIVE BREATHING is one of the most beneficial Spiritual classes you will ever take. It’s relaxing, centering, and makes stress go bye-bye.  Jess has the gifted ability to guide you to a place of total peace and equipoise. It also improves your daily breathing technique. I totally look forward to it. Namaste.”

John – Orange County, CA, Loving Father and Grandfather, Wise Being, and Pillar of Compassion

“I have known Jess for many years now and have always admired and respected her sense of integrity and generosity. She is sincere in her desire to help others become the best versions of themselves as she assists them in overcoming obstacles in their lives. She does this through practical, actionable plans that are at once attainable while allowing people to continue to dream their biggest dreams. This ability to help others meet their truest potential is indeed the mark of an amazing life coach. More importantly, she practices what she preaches and will never ask her clients to do what she has not already done and accomplished herself.”

Joan – Los Angeles, CA, Registered Nurse at CHLA, Holy Yoga Instructor, & Youth Ministry Leader

“Jess has been a blessing in my life. I first came to her with no expectations, just wanted someone to listen that I knew would be unbiased and help me see things from different perspectives. I had been making the same mistakes over and over again. She’s opened my eyes to a new way of thinking. At first it didn’t seem natural. Being a type A personality, it’s extremely hard for me to slow down. She’s taught me the art of meditation and self love. Although I always thought I had great self esteem and love for myself, I realized by the choices I was making were not of self love but of fear. I’ve come to understand that by opening my mind to new possibilities and people, I’m making much better choices for myself and my future. Thank you Jess for enlightening my life and seeing things in a different light.”

Loreli – Orange County, CA, Medical Sales Rep, Dog Devotee, & Dancer of Life

“Jess has had such a wonderful, encouraging effect on me. I love talking to her about life and the daily struggles and observations we face. She has helped me see a new way to look at things. Her input has been a gentle nudge that has enabled me to see things in a fresh perspective. She has helped me focus on the important things in my relationships, job, and my day to day interaction with people. I work in a high stress environment and am under a lot of pressure. Her insight has helped me make many life changing decisions that I look back on with confidence. I have seen growth within myself and know I can continue to grow with someone like Jess in my corner.”

Danielle – Orange County, CA, Real Estate Agent, Supportive Girlfriend, & Fun Enthusiast

“After just one session of ‘Meditative Breathing’ with Jess, I felt so absolutely relaxed and energized at the same time. The fact that she taught a group of women something so simple yet so power of techniques that were instantly effective, easy and free was very invaluable to me.  I have subsequently practiced these techniques by myself and found I can easily relieve stress and finish with a super-charged sense of well being! I look forward to delving deeper into this breathing practice and cannot wait to experience more health benefits!”

Thank you so much!

Benetta – Grandma’s House of Hope

“Meditating while breathing is very healthy for me.  It is healing and releasing some tension in some parts of my body. Meditative Breathing puts you to sleep even just for a moment. One time, something happened to me and it’s an experience while I was relaxing and learning the right way of breathing in my first session and something “popped” on my forehead and it seemed a vein or veins got straighten out. I had a surgery 35 years ago. It was a brain tumor and it was a pituitary tumor. I had a CT Scan recently and my doctor said that my brain tumor is good, it is not growing.  Meditative Breathing helps me a lot, focusing on myself, feel good.  I am happy and have not pain and I feel healthy.”

Victoria – House Mom at Grandma’s House of Hope

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