Spring Into Action

When was the last time you’ve stopped to witness the miraculous cycle of life?

Spring Into ActionLife is in constant motion. Spring is in the air. The plants are growing. The flowers are blooming. A new birth is taking place and we can consciously choose to be a part of this perpetual cycle.

It is no wonder that spring is associated with cleaning and starting anew, as we so often hear with the term “spring cleaning”. But what can this really mean to us as conscious human beings on a deeper level?

To me, spring cleaning is about more than just cleaning your physical space. It is about ridding yourself of the worn out habits that don’t serve you anymore, followed by replacing them with practices that do serve you, that promote growth and beauty, and that create more harmony in your life.

Stop a moment to take inventory of what has been nagging at you. What thoughts have been repeatedly appearing in your awareness? What have you been intending to do, but have not made a concerted effort towards? What have you been putting off that calls to your attention? These thoughts are persistently there for a reason. They are there because you know in your heart addressing them will better YOU.

So is it cleaning that overcrowded garage? Is it looking for new opportunities? Is it increasing your savings? Is it starting the will you have been meaning to get to? Is it planning a vacation that is long overdue? Is it paying off that credit card so that you are no longer in debt? Is it asking for a raise? Is it walking away from that unfulfilling job to pursue your dreams?

All of these are situations that people I personally know are going through and have been for some time now. From the outside, what appears so obvious to do is often not so simple to engage and tackle. Why? Because everything takes time, everything takes focus, but most importantly everything takes courage—Courage to take the first step and continue forward when you are truly ready for a change.

When this happens, the best thing to do is take them in bite-size chunks. Take one task at a time, one conversation at a time, one day at time. However, continue to move into action, however slow it may be. This is how habits are changed. This is how you can achieve something better, something brighter, a new life, so to speak. So don’t let time pass you by – spring into action!