Choosing You: What Does It Mean?

I believe we are living in this era of “Choosing You”— an era that seeks to pay homage to our inner voice and our true potential. This is the new frontier, and for those pioneers willing to step up and meet possibilities, these words are written for you.

In my book, The ABCs of Authentic Me: A Collection of Simple Truths to Change Your Life,” I share basic ideas, concepts, qualities to choose from in order to create the YOU that is the potential you—The Authentic You. These concepts, though complex in practice, are simple and inherent in nature.

However, what does the broader notion of “choosing you” mean? Surely, to some, these words together can be abstractly nebulous. So, I am going to define this terminology in short and relatable concepts in an A to Z format, as I see it. My hope is that by “Choosing You,” you will become a happier and more genuine expression of you.

A: Apply what you have learned
choosing youB:  Bridge the past and the future by being present
C:  Clarify the person you want to be
D:  Decide that this is the person you want to be
E:  Exercise your physical, mental, and spiritual muscles
F:  Focus on first things first
G:  Give gratitude for what you have
H: Honor setbacks as lessons
I: Ignite the fire within
J: Jot down your ideas
K: Keep your word to others and to yourself
L: Listen continuously in order to learn
M: Mend relationships with others and yourself
N: Nourish the mind, body, and soul
O: Open up to taking risks
P: Park and take a moment
Q: Quiet the mind and hear your intuition
R: Resolve to care for your inner child
S: Set your own bar
T: Tell your own story
U: Use what is available and become resourceful
V: Vigilantly watch your own self-talk
W: Water your own grass to see it grow greener
X: X out negativity
Y: Yield and surrender to find answers
Z: Zigzag your way to find your way

As we start this New Year, my challenge to you is to do one thing every day on this list towards choosing you, the You that I know is possible. The You that will impact your own fulfillment, the You that will bring joy to your own heart, and the You that will inspire the hearts of others. Now get busy!