Active Choosing: Melt the Stress Away with Meditation

As we transition into The Information Age, from the previous Industrial Age, things may appear on the surface to be simpler, but does what meets the eye really represent the truth?

The advent of technology has seemingly improved many of the mundane and often onerous day-to-day inconveniences and, in many ways fostered, a more integrated global society.  It is difficult to resist the ever pervasive and increasing need for technology, even if we try. For those of you who may be thinking “That’s not me, I don’t let technology rule me,” let’s conduct a “tech check” to identify if you have fallen prey to any of these beloved devices and/or technology in your daily life?

Here are a few things to check (but there are many more):

  • Access your email through a smart phone?
  • Use a GPS to get around?
  • Send text messages?
  • Store and access data through cloud services such as Salesforce or Drop-box?
  • Use Skype, Tango, and Viber, etc. to reach and chat with those across states, countries, and even continents?
  • Wear smart gear to track “fit time” through devices such as FitBit?
  • Share photos and updates on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc.?
  • Watch or create YouTube videos?
  • And last but not least, look things up on the Internet?

In such a noisy world of endless to-do’s vs. to-be’s, how can we bridge this gap in being in this world but not of it? The truth is, because we are so integrated, whether we engage in any or all of these activities directly or indirectly, rarely or greatly, it can and will affect our energy, our focus, and ultimately our well-being if we don’t stay mindful to it.

What I am here to share is not about avoiding or resisting change, but rather to embrace and harness its power by fundamentally looking within ourselves and staying ahead of the demands of life that can easily run amuck with our emotional, physical, and spiritual health. Without question, the importance of looking within and plugging into the inner workings of self-care, self-healing, and self-awareness is key to elevating our energetic state and strengthening our connection to the divine within.

Thus my approach has been simple. Keep life simple. Now—bear mind that keeping things simple does not mean making things easy or even convenient. Rather what it does mean is applying principles both of a spiritual and practical nature in our “daily choosing.”

What do I mean by this? Every day we are met with a plethora of choices. With so many demands and stimuli bombarding us, our attention is greatly divided. So it is now more necessary than ever to engage in “active choosing,” where your choice is perpetually made as an empowering verb, as in “I choose to…” and not a stagnant noun, as in “these are my choices.”

Getting to this place of choosing as an empowered verb is a reflection of our energetic vibration. For example, when I don’t feel good about a choice and do it anyways, it lowers my energy, and impacts my health and well-being. When I do feel good about a decision, I feel lighter, and happier, effectively sending a surge of energy and boosting my well-being. Hence, over a prolonged period of time, either neglecting or giving attention to these small choices can indeed affect the people we become, how happy we feel, what we create, and how much “life we truly get to live.”


For me, there has been one practice that has helped me cultivate this inner knowledge and knowing who I am at my essence—meditation. Meditation calms the mind, realigns the nervous system, slows the breath, and creates space for expansion and clarity. It is a practice that allows time for checking in and listening to our world within and paying attention to our energetic state. From this inner space, a divine wisdom seems to take over and “without mind” life suddenly becomes simpler, where judicious practices and intuitive wisdom are awakened, and invoked.