Kindred Spirits: Where Souls Collide By Chance

Lately I have noticed the word “kindred spirit” being tossed around on multiple occasions. I have witnessed it being used during many one-on-one encounters, within groups of friends, and even at networking events. And I just knew it was the exact topic I needed to explore and write about here.

So what exactly is a kindred spirit, for those of you who may be wondering? Well, I am going to give you my definition. A kindred spirit is someone or something (like a pet) that you feel a deep, intuitive resonance with. Some of the times, you may not even be sure why you feel this way. All you know is that you are drawn to what I will refer to as a ‘magnetic force of the souls.’ All that you know is that you can’t deny this intense and profound connection. You feel at home, feel at ease, and above all, that the authentic you is seen and felt.


Let me share three quick and personal stories to illustrate my experiences with such connections. Over 15 years ago, I posted an ad for a roommate. As luck would have it, a gal named Joan walked in to check out the apartment. Almost immediately, I felt my heart light up, and within me, I saw the makings of a lifelong friendship. I even borrowed a line from Jerry Maguire (you know…the scene towards the end when Tom Cruise begs Renee Zellweger for her forgiveness) in which she says “You had me at hello.” That was undeniably how I felt upon opening the door and meeting a kindred spirit.

My second encounter with a fellow kindred spirit was at a job many years back. I met an incredible soul named Lafayette. He awed me with the depth of his wisdom and the ingenuity of how he expressed it. Inspiring, full of grace, and sure of who he is was the hallmark of what he stood for, at least in my eyes. Merely being around him gave me such a tremendous feeling of self; and thus I love keeping his presence in my heart, even from afar, like I often do today.

A third example was while talking to a friend of a friend I had recently been introduced to. His name was Albert. From the moment we sat down to talk, we just had oodles and oodles of things to talk about; one biggie was our passion to understand the human mind and the sheer amount of its amazing potential! It’s no wonder that he is continuing his study by getting his Ph.D. in psychology, and me, through getting curious about and engaging everyone I meet.

Kindred spirits are indeed special, and when we ‘see into others,’ I believe we can have more experiences with this force of magnetic souls colliding. So allow each rendezvous to start here, with openness and wonderment and see who collides in your sphere of kindred connections.