Can Juicing Change Our Genes?

Tick tock, tick tock. Time is ticking. A new year often restores hope, renews dreams, and sometimes shifts patterns, even if for just a short while.

What will life bestow on us in 2015? 2016? And so on and so forth? We may be inspired to take on new challenges/opportunities, but where do we start and what is the most crucial place to begin? What comes to mind for me begs this one simple question: “What do we have if we don’t have our health?” This quintessential question takes us all back to what truly matters: our health, our well-being.

Times have changed; we have also changed.  And what I am referring to here is the foods we eat, and, specifically, how we eat it. It seems in this day-and-age, a new way of food consumption has evolved and it is known as juicing, which includes making smoothies.

Moreover, in an effort to retain the scrumptious goodness found in this magical elixir of health and well-being, new devices have even been improved to dramatically help us macerate whatever we want to “eat.” Ta-da!

Here’s a recipe for a delicious turmeric smoothie.  Try it and see!

Now why is this important to us? Well, if it holds true that we are what we eat, then wouldn’t it be in our best interest to fill our bodies with the nutrients of goodness? According to Dr. Mitchell Gaynor, a leading expert in integrative medicine and oncology, “The revolution in health and wellness is that the most incredible medicine is edible. Pure foods, spices and herbs filled with phytonutrienJuicingts can literally upgrade the body’s software which is our DNA.” Yes, foods and, particularly those researched to have healing powers, are indeed “fruitful.” (Pun intended)

However, with much of our days filled with activities, it can often be challenging to “eat” this goodness. As it stands, my greatest benefit to juicing is that it allows me to capture such edible medicine with the flip of a switch. Of course provided I am mindful to not consume too much sugar found in juicing, and drink it sooner than later to avoid it from turning bad.

This New Year’s Eve, I even met a couple of scientists staying at a friend’s Airbnb that brought their own Vitamix blender. Move over American Express—enthusiastically these ladies shared that they never leave home without it! In fact, this appliance has traveled across the reaches of the world and back. Who would have thought packing to include a beloved kitchen appliance? It makes sense to me though…to take the means of extracting goodness wherever we go!

They say you are not dressed until you wear a smile. I would say we are waking up to a new consciousness—where the smile we wear is the result of the goodness we are filled with inside—and that is nothing short of good nutrition.