When Do We Start to Listen

chiropractorI started to experience some sharp, shooting pains down my neck, near my shoulders, and lower back, after some heavy lifting—both during my recent move and that of a friend’s. The nagging pain got louder and louder as I continued to not listen week after week. At last, I gave into the “a-cute” pain (NOT! … who decided to include the word cute?!) and took some medication to alleviate the suffering. The painkillers helped for a brief moment, and I forgot about being a walking pain in the neck (pun intended).

All the while, my mind was still debating if a massage was in order, as I was concurrently searching for a new chiropractor to have in my wellness rolodex. I completely get the importance of having a strong and healthy nervous system by having good alignment.

Then it seemed as if someone from up above was listening, because a friend suddenly showed up with a belated birthday gift and it was for a massage. It was totally unexpected. Hallelujah!  I got my massage, but like the pills, I didn’t feel fully relieved of the pain.

Then I received more blessings when a Groupon for chiropractor care came directly into my in-box. Apparently, my own intentional search wasn’t working as all the places I called either didn’t accept insurance or didn’t have combined massage with chiro-care (did I just make up a new word?). To my surprise this one did and the best part was that the doctor could take a crack at it (pun intended) and I could feel more assured he/she would straighten me out (wink, wink), before having to have the often confusing conversations around insurance coverage. Or is it just me that considers this?!

So I walked in for my first appointment and was greeted with a warm welcome at Twins Chiropractic. However, unlike the other offices, Dr. Marks took the time to explain to me the entire process and even played an educational video explaining the multiple ways our bodies can get misaligned as early as birth. Did you know some places believe that improvements are seen most dramatically in children and infants? I wouldn’t have guessed that!

For me, it became clear that my prolonged years of sitting at a desk, using a computer, and all the other conveniences of modern day such as driving a car, talking on a cell phone, using an iPad, etc. have subtly and gradually contributed to my own misalignment. In this day and age, this has become the norm rather than the exception! Thus, my recent moving escapade only amplified conditions that already existed, as the x-rays pointed out the formation of a bone spur, one usually created over an extended period of poor alignment.

To date, I have had four visits and so far so good…at first there were some slight symptoms following the treatment, but I understand now that that had a lot to with the release of toxins.  Today I had my fifth appointment and noticed that after the impingements on my nerves were removed, the circulation picked up, and did what it is does best, flow and heal, leaving my stiff neck and back feeling so much better.

In addition, combined with the exceptional care I received from Twins Chiropractor through their kindness, updated technology, desire to educate, and ease of visits—I am reminded that I too had a vital role to play, namely mindfully strengthening the right muscles to support a healthy spine.

So, whether the pain is physical or emotional, let’s make sure that we address it right away and not allow it to get on our last nerve. Just because we may feel fine, doesn’t mean that our bodies are running in peak condition. Remember, as with most things in life, staying in alignment promotes a solid foundation and there is no better time to listen to our bodies than right now.