Winds of Change

Recently we had one of the strongest winds ever to sweep across Southern California. It appeared that everyone caught it in was swept off their feet, and, yes, only literally (wink, wink). Some trees were knocked down, while others swayed back and forth to help withstand the gusty winds.

As I walked from place to place, head down, carefully plowing myself through these extreme winds, I was blown away by this wonder: how many of us can truly stand the winds of change? (pun intended) Like the trees, how many of us will break in the face of strong winds? How many of us will fall down and not get up? And how many of us will be graceful and simply flow along and maintain our integrity through it all?

There is no arguing that life poses many challenges, and like these winds, they can hit hard.  However, it is in these moments that we usually find the stuff of which we are made. It is in these moments that we get to know how far we may have come and where we can still stand to grow.

Food for thought:

How rooted are you in who you are? Do you allow yourself to be flexible and accept changes? Do you know what pushes your buttons? Do you know how to extend compassion for yourself in these moments?

  1. Ways you can wisely choose to find acceptance now:
  2. Acknowledge the emotion you are experiencing
  3. Allow yourself to feel it
  4. Take deep breaths into this feeling
  5. On the inhale bring love and compassion to it
  6. On the exhale let it go and release it out of your body
  7. Choose to see the possible lesson(s) in this challenge/obstacle
  8. Grow and learn from it

Why this helps:

Many things, good and bad, will always show up in life — whether we like it or not. Offering to try and control or analyze why things are the way they are can lead us down an endless path to no-where-ville and often leave us even more frustrated in the end. However, when we learn to nourish our emotions with love and compassion, we learn something far greater than what our minds can justify or make sense of. We learn to root ourselves in acceptance and often find the lesson in each challenge.

Life supports us in our growth, so long as we are ready to allow it; and even the notion of so-called “lessons” start to fade into a deeper appreciation of all things when we stop judging them and lovingly accept them. All situations, people, and things become welcome whether deemed good or bad. And by experiencing these gifts in its totality, a new light is shed upon the countless beauty and grace when seen through a new pair of eyes.