The Power of Choosing Love

I recently returned from another trip to Minneapolis, visiting with some friends and my favorite, precocious Little Rena (my friend’s daughter). Upon arriving there and excited to pick her brain, I contemplated meaningful questions to ask her. Why? Because I again wanted a glimpse into the simplistic, but no less profound, wisdom found in an innocent mind.

One afternoon, as I was watching her, I steered my wheels of curiosity back to innocence and asked the questions I wanted to know around love. Fortunately, I got in a few before her attention started to wane. After all, she still is a kid and quickly wanted to play! Who could blame her?! Though I thought we were already having fun playing teacher Rena and student, me!  (wink, wink)

So what was this wisdom that she shared?  She replied, (and I hope you watch the video to hear it from her) to my question “What does love mean to you?” with an “I love you.” That’s it. A simple “I Love You.” Absolutely brilliant!



Food For Thought:

How do you feel when someone you love says to you “I love you?” What ignites inside when you hear these three magically little words? Perhaps, some, if not all of these ring true—safe, cared for, supported, has my back, sees my beauty, gets me? Take a moment now to experience this in your own mind with someone dear to you, feel love’s power, and then reflect upon it.

Why is it so powerful to choose Love:

Rena’s intuitive reply couldn’t get simpler and yet holds so much power to its depth of meaning.  Well, to me it did. Why? Let’s take a closer examination. True, in our modern day society, a simple “I love you” may appear lackluster resulting from its superficial intensity of emotions or subdued complacency of routine. But the opposite can be felt when the underlining choice to say such words is meet with clear intentions to love.  This is where the power and shift lies—and not for the other person, but within us.

Mindfully saying “I love you” is the equivalent of choosing to see all the good qualities and “loving” despite any idiosyncrasies or shortcomings felt towards another. It is recognizing in each moment love can be found when sought through its eyes. It is a deliberate choice to conduct ourselves beyond the rational mind, irrational heart, and from instead, the wisdom of choosing love for love’s sake. Thus, there need not be justification or reasons to love someone, leaving just love when engaging this notion.

As the saying goes, “I may not always like you, but I will always love you.”  To that I would add: “…because experiencing love is a choice that is made and strengthens with practice.”

How you can choose Love right away:

Tell as many people as you can how much you love them today! And observe the changes within you…