You are LOVE

loveIn light of what feels like a made up “Hallmark Holiday,” masked as Valentine’s Day, what surfaced for me is the concept of romantic love. Love, as most of us have experienced, can be so powerful, we can feel that we are floating on Cloud Nine and that anything is possible. On the other hand, we can feel like we’ve just hit rock bottom when a relationship turns sour or even dies. Thus, some of the greatest enigmas in life still concern matters of the heart.

I have, in many of my years, pondered and reflected on what it is that I truly want out of being so-called “in love.” And as someone still single today, I don’t claim to be an expert! But what I am clear on is this – I may not have a romantic partner currently, but I am never without love. In fact, I am completely immersed in Love. It is everywhere, because I now see through the eyes of Love.

Food for thought:

Did you know that Love is simply a choice?  You can choose to make Love the guiding force of every moment of every day if you want more Love in your life. I know at times it can be hard.  And you may not want to, or feel like it…but know that Love is always but a thought away. It can be that easy.

Ways you can wisely choose Love now:

Additionally, Love is not just an abstract concept to be felt only in good times. No, Love is more than that. I am reminded of the “Love Is” comic back in the day, as I share my “10 Top Love Is…”:

10. Love is kind.

9.   Love is non-judgmental.

8.   Love is accepting.

7.   Love is forgiveness.

6.   Love is light.

5.   Love is fun.

4.   Love is creative.

3.   Love is trust.

2.   Love is courage.

1.   And lastly, I would be remiss if I didn’t end with this, since we are on the topic of romantic love. Love is what heals a broken heart. It is not time. Time can only mend it, but love heals and restores wholeness.

Think about it. Have you ever meet someone still carrying around their emotional wounds as though it just happened yesterday and found out it actually took place over a decade ago? Or on the other end of the spectrum, have you ever known someone who left an emotionally un-serving relationship only to find love right around the corner days later? I have. How did that happen? And why are they smiling again? It wasn’t because of time.

Why this helps:

So as you can see, Love creates more of itself and it goes without saying that Love is the only true power that exists, for it is the only one that can heal. Through all of this, I have discovered the greatest Love of all – Love of Self. I now am “Love.” I believe only by being Love, can we finally give Love, because we are Love, and we can only give that which we have. I think this song by the late Whitney Houston sums it up rather nicely and a song that many of us are familiar with – “Greatest Love of All.” Sing along with me. And especially sing it out loud if and when you feel love eludes you, and you will find You Have Been Love all along…

I found the greatest love of all
Inside of me
The greatest love of all
Is easy to achieve
Learning to love yourself
It is the greatest love of all