Voice Within

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Recently I was called to “get away” to visit Indianapolis by a small persistent voice. Why Indiana, I thought? What’s there? I first ignored it and thought of several other places instead. I know! “Let’s take my dad to Toronto, Canada to visit my uncle,” I thought. Or maybe to a silent meditation retreat … ? Or maybe a road trip with my dear friend Brian to Zion National Park in Utah … ? Or better yet … a “staycation” in my beautiful Newport Beach, California digs…? After none of these options worked out for one reason or another, I knew I had to listen to the voice within (a.k.a intuition) and go to Indianapolis …

I am now back home and am so thankful I listened for these main reasons:

  1. I have considered moving to the Midwest for a slower pace and found it was anything but that—since I was too busy “being” joyful, connected, and open. Smiley face
  2. I wanted to wake up to one of the coldest winters in my history. I woke up to a blanket of snow –- so beautiful and soft as it gently covered me from head to toe.
  3. My self-publishing company is an hour from Indianapolis and I met up with my awesome consultant and ended up connecting to everyone I met. Thank you, Wes!
  4. I made a friend last year who lives here. I was welcomed into his home for dinner and left feeling full of love and appreciation. (Matt is quite the amazing dad.)
  5. Lastly, according to my 5th grade book report on the Hoosier State, I said I needed to go visit one day and now I am clear why! For those who have seen the game show, “Are you smarter than a 5 grader?” this seems like a perfect time to ponder that question!

Food for thought:

Could it be that our intuition is more intelligent than our conscious thoughts?

Ways you can recognize what your intuition may sound like:

  1. Our intuition feels innocent like a child saying, “Mommy put your seatbelt on.”
  2. Our intuition stems from the soul’s desire and not our ego’s fear.
  3. Our intuition may not be understood but its persistence can be felt.
  4. Our intuition creates more authentic and spontaneous experiences.
  5. Our intuition does not need more complex analysis, just simple faith.
  6. Our intuition loosens our voice of reason and connects us to courage.

Why this helps:

So often we are defined by limiting beliefs shaped either by our experiences or ones handed down to us, like from our parents. We start to restrict our own window of possibilities and cheat ourselves out of living up to our greatest potential. However, listening to our intuition feels like an internal GPS. No matter how many times we get lost or take detours from our heart’s desire, our intuition will recalculate and re-route the path back to fulfillment. Thus, the fastest way to happiness is the one where we practice listening to our own internal guidance system. It will help us come alive and return to our own magnificence!