Our Body is a Wonderland

This past Saturday I went to Bodies The Exhibition in Buena Park, CA.  I wasn’t sure what to expect but stayed intrigued by the wonders of our physical bodies.  This real life preserved human exhibit was neatly laid out by functioning groups – skeletal, muscular, respiratory, circulatory, reproductive systems, and then with two sections dedicated to the comparison of healthy vs. decaying organs, and an even more delicate room devoted to the encasings of developing fetuses.


Now, I am not completely new to the science of anatomy, having graduated college with a science degree, but as I walked through each section, I was still taken aback by the intricate construction of it all.  It felt almost surreal imagining the vast amount of communication and implementation necessary to even perform the simplest of tasks, many of which we may take for granted everyday – like listening, blinking, moving a finger, using the bathroom, or smiling!  Isn’t that amazing when you stop to think about it?

My favorite displays still were the ones comparing healthy to diseased or ailing parts.  One strikingly apparent display was a set of healthy lungs placed next to a smoker’s lungs.  I think this struck a chord with me because these things are more or less within our control.  We can all choose to make healthier life choices especially when ample research has shown that certain habits, like smoking, can be hazardous to our health.


Food for thought:

I learned that, for example, if all of our muscles were to work together at once, we would be able to lift more than 10 tons.  10 tons!  I’m not even sure what 10 tons look like!  Perhaps, 50 cars stacked together???  I don’t know about you, but I believe even the world’s strongest man has yet to bench press more than 1000lbs.  What an incredible insight!

What you can do to choose love now:

Listen to your body.  Recognize when you are tired and need to sleep versus finish another project, for example.  It will be there waiting for you in the morning.  Recognize that eating too much fatty food is bad for the body temple and slowly start to modify this urge.  Drink more water and take an herbal cleansing tea to detox periodically.  These choices will aid in ridding the body of toxins.  Make time to exercise which is so good for the heart.  Don’t wait for rare inspired moments to do intensive exercise if that is not you.  Just get out there.  Take the stairs at work.  Go for a brisk walk.  Many of these options can be viable substitutes and when done regularly can be just as beneficial.

Why this helps:

All these suggestions help to maintain and keep our bodies functioning more efficiently and reduce stress upon it.  There are many pollutants out there that we can’t control but where we can, we should help our bodies along.  We may not realize it, but when our bodies are functioning efficiently, it does contribute tremendously to our overall well-being and thus state of happiness.   Honor the body temple that serves you from the moment you were born to the day you leave…