Magical Water

Recently, I attended a lecture called “The Hidden Messages in Water,” presented by Dr. Masaru Emoto, a scientist from Japan.  He was a dear, sweet elderly man, who didn’t speak much English and had a translator on stage with him.  His research was the result of a miraculous healing he had to an injury on the golf course many years prior.  The healing element was water blessed with love.  The belief behind the water being responsible is because water has memory and by remembering the qualities of love, spontaneous healing was brought to the injury.

Since then, he set out to prove his theory.  An idea befell him when he learned that no two snowflakes were identical and began to study how exposure to “vibrational energy” such as thoughts, ideas, and music uniquely affect the patterns of each snowflake.  What he found was that when water droplets were exposed to generally accepted expressions of love, kindness, and appreciation, beautiful crystallized patterns took form, and not so beautiful ones with harsh or negative expressions.  He worked alongside a photographer to capture and document his astounding findings.  Please see video below to illustrate some of his examples.



My takeaway from this brilliant and heart-centered, not to mention humorous man, was his passion to teach how “vibrational energy” lives inside of us.  As we know, our human bodies are predominately made up of water: 90%+ as a fetus, 70% in adulthood, 60% at 65 years of age, and at 50% water, we are no longer able to sustain life.  Therefore, it goes without saying, that if in fact water has memory, then the water we are comprised of will remember all the collective experiences we have subjected ourselves to.  Hence, good vibrational experiences equal a healthy person and negative experiences will reflect the opposite.


From just this study, we can see how water is energy, and how energy can impact our lives in whatever manner we choose.

Food for thought:

If we are what we eat, physically, then it stands to reason we are emotionally what we think about all day long.

What you can do to choose love right away?

The next time you take a sip of water, stop to bless it, and see how it will bless you in return.

Why does this help?

It helps for a few reasons in addition to the ones shared above.  When you make a conscious effort to bless the water you are drinking, you are giving gratitude.   Since you cannot have two competing thoughts at the same time, any expression of gratitude, whether big or small, can help bring more peace and appreciation into your life.  Try it if you don’t think so.  Also, having a starting point for a frequent practice of gratitude (such as each time you take a drink of water) can lend itself to more words of gratitude in other areas of your life.  Plus, water hydrates and helps to purify the body by expelling toxins.  This is choosing to love yourself and there is no time better to start than now.