Are You a Leader?

leaderI was standing by the copier and found myself staring off into space when these words caught my eyes —“giving shape to ideas.” I thought to myself, “How do everyday individuals do this — give birth to profound, life-altering ideas?” For instance, these thinkers came to mind:

Thomas Edison for his mighty invention of the practical electric bulb when we needed light (pun intended).

Henry Ford for developing the first affordable car so we can all get going.

Walt Disney for creating “The Happiest Place on Earth” in our pursuit of happiness.

Mark Zuckerberg for the current day global social media giant, Facebook, to “add” friends everywhere we go.  (smiley face)

What do all these visionaries have in common? It’s simple. They all have inspired ideas fueled by the power of leadership. Now this is not to say that their journey was easy, but the visions that they had weren’t necessarily complicated.

A recent article by Forbes listed not only what makes a leader, but also what makes one memorable. These are the 8 qualities:

  1. Authenticity
  2. Shares their wisdom
  3. Does what others don’t
  4. Embraces the lessons of failure
  5. Gives you their valuable time
  6. Creates special moments
  7. Makes you feel valued
  8. Leads to leave a legacy

What I believe these 8 qualities exemplify are individuals living a happy and fulfilled life, regardless of whether they are leaders in society, in communities, at work, or within families.

Food for thought:

Have you ever wonder what you are capable of being without the stressed brain running habitual programs such as anxiety, fear, worry, and doubt?

Ways you can wisely choose to empower yourself now:

  1. Take deep breaths when you are feeling overwhelmed
  2. Restate your negative beliefs and thoughts
  3. Visualize what you want in your mind’s eye
  4. Release the outcome

Why this helps:

These steps help by bringing calm to us and giving us the space to create the “good life” we want. It allows us to re-focus and gives room to empowering choices. I also believe it connects us to our heart intelligence, the source of love for ourselves, our lives, and our unique “light.” In this space, our minds are present and whole and the potentiality we possess can came come forward much like the makings of a memorable leader.